welcome to my website

welcome to my website

welcome to my website welcome to my website


As a mixed-media textile artist, tutor and author, I like to stitch, burn and melt materials such as Kunin Felt, Tyvek and Lutradur, adding acrylic mediums to create textured, unusual and exciting surfaces.

For me, the satisfaction comes from sample making, discovering new techniques and creating unusual surfaces. These are then used as backgrounds to work into further or as pieces to be displayed as they are.

At this moment in time I seem to be leaning more towards wearable art, especially costumes and accessories influenced by the Steampunk movement. 

Author of four books published by d4daisy  (see below) I have also been published in several magazines including: Cloth Paper Scissors, Stitch, Be Creative and Workshop On the Web.

I am a member of the exhibiting group East Anglian Stitched Textiles (E.A.S.T.) with Anthea Godfrey as our Mentor.

I teach workshops and give talks to groups and guilds up and down the country and can often be seen demonstrating my techniques at some of the major shows.

I am currently Guest Editor of the series of WOW books also published by d4daisy.



 Stitching the Textured Surface


Fabulous Surfaces 


Exploring Creative Surfaces 


Beautiful Bonded Surfaces