Exploring Creative Surfaces

'Exploring Creative Surfaces', continues the d4daisy Workshop series - books with loads of ideas that are based on one particular technique or material.

The books are very well priced, especially when they all include a series of free on-line classes to take the techniques in them even further. The books and lessons consider the fact that we can't afford to buy lots of expensive materials and suggest ways of making a little go a long way.

'Exploring Creative Surfaces' demonstrates some great ideas for truly creative surfaces that require the minimum of materials to achieve the maximum WOW factor.

44 pages - 90 images 

(+ postage: £1.50)

Fabulous Surfaces

The main 'ingredient' in 'Fabulous Surfaces' is tissue paper!

You just won't believe what you can achieve with tissue, old dressmaking patterns and wrapping paper.

The ideas are presented in an easy to understand, step-by-step format to make sure that the concepts are clear.  

Rusting, printing and distressing tissue paper gives results which are both surprising and fascinating. Texture is not overlooked and there are some great new ideas for heat-sensitive polyester tissue. Further texture is achieved by sculpting and cut-outs. How can you resist?

(+ postage: £1.50)

Stitching the Textured Surface

Amazing surfaces are constructed with gesso and molding paste in 'Stitching the Textured Surface'. However, what makes this book unique are the ideas and techniques for colouring and stitching these surfaces.

Best of all, you don't need to be an artist as fantastic surfaces grow from stencils and stamps. Whether you are a paper-crafter, book-maker, textile artist or quilter, your work will never be the same.
(+ postage: £2.00)